Marko J. Ollila

Sonata Arctica (english edition)

The printed version of the Sonata Arctica book english edition is published!


The Sonata Arctica Book tells the story about Kemi’s most notable musical export. 

With the voice of the band itself and the people close to them Sonata Arctica tells the story about the bands rise to international fame. It´s also a story about the luck the band had in the beginning and the lucky coincidences that rarely happen to bands. 

In the book there’s also a complete discography and a lot of previously unreleased pictures spanning the bands whole career.

There will be also a short story The Key in the book by Tony Kakko himself.



Download the high resolute cover from this link:






Sonata Arctica kirjan nimmarisessio Helsingissä 4.12.2014